QUANTI: reconciles your acquisition data and your transactional data.

Reliable, structured, automated KPIs

Measure the effectiveness of your acquisition campaigns and their profitability. Thanks to our connectors suite and our data extraction tag, we bring together your marketing and transactional data.

Your are in Good Company
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The essential of your stack analytics

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Reclaim ownership of data hosted by third parties.

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Stack free

No additional tools. QUANTI: beef up your existing tools.

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Exemption from consent

No sending to a third party
Privacy by design
Insignificant data

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Our prices are based on clear criteria. Anticipate your costs.

A new measure of efficiency

Beyond the indicators of advertising effectiveness, calculate the indicators of profitability, directly related to your activity. Manage your campaigns on ROAS, margin or CAC...

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All your KPIs in one place

Make your acquisition indicators more reliable, by reconciling the relevant data. Do not limit yourself to data from platforms and analytics solutions. Thanks to connectors and the QUANTI Tag: you can rely on reliable data to build KPIs that are ever closer to the fundamentals of your business.

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Ad-Centric connectors

QUANTI: offers a suite of specialized e-Commerce connectors, designed for acquisition management.

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Site-Centric connectors

Thanks to our suite of exclusive connectors, retrieve site centric data, collected by your analytics solution.

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CRM/ERP connectors

Use the key data from your CRM and ERP tools , and make your KPIs more reliable.

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Assess the quality of your ad-generated traffic by measuring its impact on your business, beyond ROAS.

Rely on indicators that matter for the growth of your business : CLV, REPEAT by source, New customers by source, CAC / LTV ...

Take action : manage marketing effort  based on one single reliable source of data.

Easy, Fast, effective

QUANTI: How does it work?

In order to build more reliable KPIs and automate the process, we have developed a suite of connectors and one data extraction tag. The combination of 3 connectors and 1 tag makes it possible to automate the collection of acquisition data to build relevant KPIs.

Hear What Our Exceptional Customers have to say

We pay the greatest attention to the satisfaction of our customers. E-commerce leaders, e-merchants, DNVB, start-ups or agencies, we are proud to be able to count on their support.


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“A powerful personalized ecosystem”

“QUANTI: allows me to manage my acquisition data and more generally my revenue indicators in a personalized and proprietary way. Once implemented, the tool disappears to make way for a particularly powerful personalized ecosystem. “

Maxime Delaporte